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Karl Meyer is author of Wild Animals of North America, recipient of a 2008 Teachers' Choice Award for Children's Books. His newest, Dog Heroes, will be out in November 2008. Karl's humor has been featured on public radio's Marketplace. His topics include nature, humor, politics, and sustainability. 

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Words matter.  I believe they have life and weight; that they bind us to our true selves, to each other, and to reality.  A while back I began writing for a living.  This web-site represents a commitment to the power of words.  Writing has helped me get reacquainted with who I am.  I find it carries with it the physical thread that links thought with action.  It has changed how I am in the world, and given me the comfort of hope, courage, and reflection.  Writing has made me a better person, it’s offered both a roadmap and yardstick for measuring my progress in the world.
My subjects are nature, humor, sustainability, news, politics, the environment—and pretty much anything else.  I’ve written an award winning children’s book for Storey Publishing, “Wild Animals of North America,” which received a 2008 Teachers’ Choice Award from Learning Magazine.  My stories and articles have appeared in national and regional magazines, and the local press.  I also write a bi-weekly newspaper column called This Wild Place.  I’ve become a regular OpEd and Letter to the Editor writer—often haranguing about abuses of the Constitution.  Those forays are best described as satires, masking my sometimes full-scale outrage.  An analogy might be what a quirky neighbor said in warning before I moved in, “Yeah, we’re THAT kind of neighbor.”

National Mall, January, 2007

I attend a weekly vigil on the town common here.  It is a close group of individuals standing against the current war—standing up for the Constitution and against torture as an acceptable policy in a democratic society, and an acceptable practice anywhere.  I tell friends that my Saturday commitment is the best hour of my week.  Those minutes are the most honest, free, most purely democratic time I invest all week.  In a sense our bodies become our words in that public hour.  And honest words are democracy itself.
So, I welcome you to some of my words, and thank you for taking the time to stop. Both current and past writing is posted, and a place for comments.  I hope to keep enough humor and nature on these pages to balance out the darkness of current politics.  It is important to laugh and celebrate beauty.  To that end, another place that has given me some peace and freedom is a small peer writer’s group I helped launch.  It is an exercise in listening and trust; a place of new and unpackaged ideas.  That is a rare space to inhabit.  I am grateful for the writers who bring it to life.  I encourage everyone to write and reflect, to take a walk or a bike ride whenever the spirit hits—and to remember to laugh.   

My old college buddy Charlie (pre-steriods) encouraged me to start a blog over a glass of chablis as we competed in the Tour de France.

My neighbor, a young writer (writing under an assumed name), was also very supportive of my work.

Words matter! 

Karl Meyer’s work has appeared in regional and national publications.  He’s been a radio naturalist and a pre-school teacher.  He is author of Wild Animals of North America, recipient of a 2008 Teachers’ Choice Award for Children’s Books.  karl@karlmeyerwriting.com

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